BluFX Remote Traders are required to abide by the trade policies, guidelines, and risk management as set out by the Head of FX at all times. Failure to do so will result in immediate withdrawal from the programme. Please be advised that trade rules, especially those covering risk, are subject to change at any time. Any clarification on the below should be sought prior to trading.


Traders will initially run a $50,000 book, trading the Majors only


Initial trade size is also set at 50k i.e. leverage of 1:1


Trading hours of 6:45am – 7pm LDN


No more than two trades on at the same time


No more than five trades a day, of 50k each (i.e. total daily volume 500k)


Leverage is reviewed every three months


Further increasing of trade size >250,000 will be encouraged once sustained profitability has been reached


Monthly fee paid before platform license expires

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