PIA-first provide professional, quality market sentiment and technical analysis research specifically designed for the individual trader and investor. Our research covers over 25 different financial instruments from major equity indices, fixed income futures and spot foreign exchange over two trading horizons – daily and medium term and over three time zones - European, US & Asian/Pacific. Their research is conducted by a professional team of analysts at PIA-first, who produce proprietary research and analysis for financial institutions: fund managers, hedge funds and central banks. In 2007, the original PIA-first team of analysts formed an independent research firm to enable them to better serve their institutional clients' needs. The current team between them has many years of trading, analytic & educational experience gained at major financial institutions in the UK. This additional expertise has proved a necessary requirement to the continued success of the business.


Blueprint Capital traders are able to access PIA services at a 20% reduction, simply click through the link and you will automatically be setup. For more information on PIA, including their past performance, please see their website: http://www.pia-first.com